Yum Update Just One Repo

It is quite common to end up having a number of repositories setup for use with yum and sometimes it pays to be a bit careful when updating your system and not simply updating everything. Whilst a yum update -y is usually fine on a system that uses a single repo such as amzn-core which

AWS Certified Developer Associate – Notes & Links

USEFUL LINKS AWS Certified Developer AssociateĀ  Main Certification Page WHITEPAPERS AWS Security Best Practices whitepaper, August 2016 AWS Well-Architected Framework whitepaper, November 2017 Architecting for the Cloud AWS Best Practices whitepaper, February, 2016 Practicing Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery on AWS Accelerating Software Delivery with DevOps whitepaper, June 2017 Microservices on AWS whitepaper, September 2017